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Classic Car Radio Service® offers a range of services from basic radio repair to full, complex restoration, including 8-Track and Cassette players and car phonographs.  Our restorations conform strictly to original manufacturer’s specifications. 

About our Repairs

Since many radios don’t require complete restoration, we offer a straight repair service.  Minimum service begins at $50, plus shipping and handling, with the total cost based on time and parts.  This service is far less complicated than our complete restorations, costs less, but still provides our same “factory new performance” warranty, including the same select quality, specification grade components, expert knowledge, and superior craftsmanship. 

Here’s how it works:  you ship us your radio, we carefully examine it to determine necessary service and cost.  For this we charge $50.00.  Generally, our estimates include additional options, providing cosmetic touch-ups, etc..  If you have the work done, this examination fee is applied to the total service cost.

About our Restoration

Because radios vary in complexity from the simplest manual tuning radio to a fully automatic, signal seeking radio with tape player, the restoration cost varies as well.  The range is $395.00 to $2500.00.  Chrome work, knob replacement, dial restoration, case plating, painting or powder coating, and speaker rebuilding, when necessary, is extra. 

We will always be up front providing cost, complexity, and turn-around time involved.  All restorations include our comprehensive, long term guarantees. 




It is the policy of Classic Car Radio Service® to provide a written FIVE years parts and labor warranty on all restorations, and a ONE year parts and labor warranty on all repairs.  This is a full, comprehensive guaranty, not just "smoke and mirrors".  It is designed to honestly provide our customers the full support of our company.  Because we keep records of the model and serial number of all serviced radios, even if you sell your automobile the guaranty remains in effect.  We know that the key to providing these long term guaranties is thorough, high quality work in every stage of service and restoration. The truth is: When the work is done properly, your radio will play perfectly, far outlasting the guaranty!


It is our further policy to provide complete documentation detailing the nature of service, performance parameters, and reinstallation instructions, tips and specifications.


Many customers are interested in what goes on inside their radios.  Because of this, we like to return all of the removed parts.  We think it's interesting to see the magnitude and condition of the original parts, and you may too.  It is also verification of what has been replaced.



We urge you to compare our quality service with others, and when they claim to do the same work as us, ask them if they will put it in writing!


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